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Agriculture of ZheJiang
Situated on the southeastern coast of China, south to the Tai Lake and bordering the East Sea, Zhejiang is blessed with beautiful mountains and waters, abundant natural resources, and endowed with mild temperature and sunlight as well as plentiful rain. Due to its long history of intensive farming dating back to 7000 years ago, Zhejiang enjoys well reputation of ˇ° Land of fish and rice, Home of Silkˇ±, being one of the comprehensive agricultural high-output areas well known throughout the country.
Adhering to developing efficient and ecological agriculture, Zhejiang shows a healthy and fast development tendency to improve agriculture and rural economy, with obvious regional layout, leading scientific and technological level and flexible operational mechanism. The year of 2005 saw total production value of 142.83 billion yuan of the province's agriculture, and net income of 6660 yuan per farmer,which has taken the first
place among all the provinces in the consecutive 21 years.With prominence given to the main industries, namely, grain and oil-bearing crops, vegetables and melons, edible fungi, Chinese herbal medicine, tea, mulberry and silkworm, fruits and animal husbandry, several advantage industrial areas have gradually come ˇˇinto being, including vegetables, tea, fruits, mulberry and silk as well as rapeseed. In these years, Zhejiang has made great efforts to develop leisureand sightseeing agriculture on the basis of the existent country sights, expanding superior ecological conditions and traditional agricultural culture.
The next 5-year will be the key period on building modern agriculture, when Zhejiang will strive to promote agricultural industrialization and to change agricultural increasing mode. Zhejiang agriculture will be at a turning point to create new system and mechanism, making a breakthrough from resource restriction. Under the direction of building new socialist countryside, a brand-new picture of Zhejiang rural areas will be unfolded, showing more peaceful farms, well-developed farming and wealthier farmers.
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